This website has been developed in accordance with the Web Accessibility Guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA level (for full details, see:

This means that the site has been designed according to guidelines, using a variety of technologies to make the content accessible to the widest possible range of users, including those with visual, hearing or other mobility impairments.

On this site you can:

  • Zoom its content up to 200%;
  • Navigate the website using only the keyboard;
  • Change the contrast of the content;
  • Use screen readers on most part of the website (including the latest versions of JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver).

The following describes in detail how users can use the site more conveniently and efficiently with a variety of browser operating systems and tools embedded in the website.

See more about accessibility here: If you have any questions or problems with these guidelines, please email

Keyboard navigation

This site allows users to navigate using only the keyboard. You can navigate the website by pressing the tabulation "Tab" key, which is usually on the left side of the keyboard. Each time you press a key, the cursor moves to the next item on the page, such as links to other pages or buttons relevant to the page. The focused element is highlighted by a color change and looks like a framed box. To activate this item (i.e., "click on it"), press the "Enter" key.

Font size

There are four main ways to zoom in on a webpage:

  1. using the browser's built-in features,
  2. using the operating system's built-in capabilities,
  3. installing a single browser plugin,
  4. use font sizes embedded in the site.

We recommend to use the simplest method – the built-in zoom.

With a browser

All popular browsers allow you to zoom in and out by pressing Ctrl and the "+" or "-" keys. Or hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up or down with the mouse roller.

In your operating system

In Operating system Windows 10 and Windows 7 is a magnifier - a program that allows you to zoom in. Click the "Start" menu and type "Magnifier", and press the Enter key. A small overlay window appears that you can move with the mouse and zoom in on all its contents at different distances.

On Apple computers, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Accessibility (or Universal Access) > Zoom.

In Operating system Windows XP, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier).

Embedded in the website

This website has three different font sizes that you can select by moving the Tab key to the page settings until the focus box selects one of the desired font sizes. When you choose a font size, all the content on the website is enlarged to that size.

Change font size


Contrast change

This site allows users to get more text contrast by changing the colors of the content. You can change the contrast of a website in three different colors:

  1. white text on a black background,
  2. black text on a yellow background,
  3. and yellow text on a black background.

You can change the colors of the content by moving the Tab key to the page settings until the focus box highlights one of the contrasting colors.

Change page contrast

Screen reader usage

A screen reader is software that tries to identify and interpret what is displayed on a screen. After that this interpretation is then repeated to the user in audio form or via a Braille display.The content of this site is created in accordance with the technical standard of the screen reader.

For example, images have Alt tags (specially text-based descriptions), structural elements are placed and arranged so that the sequence of information read by the screen reader is logical and easy to execute.

Choice of popular screen readers:

How accessible is this website?

Some sections of this website may not be fully accessible. For instance:

  • Some sections have lower color contrast;
  • Alternative text is not easy to understand for some images;
  • Some buttons cannot be correctly identified with auxiliary software;
  • Several documents are in pdf format, which cannot be accessed with auxiliary software;
  • "Easy read" functionality is not provided in various sections.

How to request content in an accessible format?

If you need content in another format, contact us and indicate:

  • Link to content (URL);
  • Your name and e-mail address;
  • The format you need for the specific content (e.g. audio CD, accessible PDF, braille).

Reporting accessibility issues

If you encounter any issues not listed on this page, or you believe we do not meet accessibility requirements, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

How do we test this website

This site was tested during development and is also regularly reviewed for compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for V2.1 A and AA levels. These tests are performed by the website developer.

What we are doing to improve accessibility

By regularly testing and receiving error messages from users, we plan to update and improve the accessibility of the website and correct any deficiencies as soon as possible.

This statement is prepared on 03.07.2020.
Notification last updated on 03.07.2020.