Construction and Building Material Industry

The construction sector in Latvia, just like the EU and global construction industry, is undergoing significant changes. In 2017, the construction sector represented 5.9 % of GDP. There are new requirements relating to environmental protection, energy efficiency, heritage preservation, and adaptation to modern society.

Latvian construction companies have proven their competitiveness in foreign markets and work well in different scales, ranging from general construction to specific installation works. Latvian manufacturers are also well known for the high quality and price competitiveness of their construction materials.




Most of Latvia’s construction production in 2017 consisted of building engineering structures (44 %) and non-residential buildings 43 %). Construction of residential buildings in 2017 represented 12 % of goods produced by sector.




A large portion of Latvian construction companies are orienting their export activities to the Scandinavian countries – Sweden (46 %), Norway (6 %) and Finland (2 %).


Most companies producing building materials use local natural resources, mostly mineral materials such as dolomite, limestone and clay. The main product groups are inert materials, concrete, reinforced concrete, cement, heat-insulation materials, lime and dolomite materials, gypsum products, ceramic materials, silicate and anticorrosion materials, glass-fibre products, dry mixtures, aerated concrete, construction chemicals, and metal fittings. In 2017, the total turnover of non-metal mineral production was EUR 544 million. The largest number (159) of building material producers are engaged in manufacturing concrete, cement, and gypsum products, while 55 companies were manufacturing glass products and 73 manufactured various porcelain and ceramic products.




In 2017, there were around 443 companies in Latvia producing non-metallic mineral construction materials and employing 5 591 people.


The main construction-material export groups are ceramic building materials, concrete products, cement and gypsum products, and glass products. Since 2009, Latvia’s exports of construction materials have experienced continuous growth, maintained to this day.




The largest export markets for construction materials are Sweden (27 %) and Germany (14 %).

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