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    Inese Zandere

    Assistant to Director of the Investment Project Department
    inese.zandere [at]
    Viļa Zinkeviča foto

    Vilis Zinkevičs

    Head of Investment Promotion Division - Biomedicine, medical technologies & pharmacy
    vilis.zinkevics [at]
    Denisa Čamova foto

    Deniss Čamovs

    Senior Investment Advisor - Transport & Logistics, Engineering & Metalworking
    deniss.camovs [at]
    Klāva Ieleja foto

    Klāvs Ielejs

    Senior Investment Advisor - Knowledge-intensive bioeconomy
    klavs.ielejs [at]

    Gustavs Lapiņš

    Senior Investment Advisor
    gustavs.lapins [at]

    Kaspars Niedols

    Senior Investment Advisor - Smart energy and mobility
    kaspars.niedols [at]
    Ulda Siliņa foto

    Uldis Siliņš

    Senior Investment Advisor
    uldis.silins [at]
    Ievas Tumanas foto

    Ieva Tumana

    Senior Investment Advisor
    ieva.tumana [at]
    Velgas Štemeres foto

    Velga Štemere

    Head of Project Development Division
    velga.stemere [at]

    Andris Blumbahs

    POLARIS Project Manager
    andris.blumbahs [at]

    Turana Halilova

    Senior Project Manager
    turana.halilova [at]

    Eva Kalniņa

    Senior Project Manager
    eva.kalnina [at]
    Jāņa Kovaļevska foto

    Jānis Kovaļevskis

    Acting Director of Communication and Information Department
    janis.kovalevskis [at]

    Maija Ozola

    Sabiedrisko attiecību speciāliste
    maija.ozola [at]

    Baiba Grīnberga

    Senior Project Manager
    baiba.grinberga [at]

    Liena Grošteina

    Director of Human Resources and Environment Department
    liena.grosteina [at]
    Sandras Īristes foto

    Sandra Īriste

    Projekta finansiste
    sandra.iriste [at]

    Aiva Vekmane-Škerba

    Projekta finansiste
    aiva.vekmane-skerba [at]
    Zanes Bitenieces foto

    Zane Biteniece

    Head of Nation Branding Division
    zane.biteniece [at]

    Uldis Eglavs

    Senior Project Manager
    uldis.eglavs [at]
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    81 - 100 from 104