The chemical and pharmaceutical sector places 5th position according to turnover among manufacturing industries (8.7 % in 2020), 5th place among other industries by number of employees (7.1 % in 2020), and 5th place by share of export in sector sales (73.5 % in 2020). According to the Central Statistical Bureau data, the sector included approximately 500 companies in 2020.

Turnover by Subsector, %

Foreign trade

In 2020, chemicals and chemical products took up 47%, pharmaceutical products – 29%, and plastic and rubber - 25% of the industry’s export. Currently, the country produces and exports a diverse array of pharmaceuticals and chemical goods, from unique anti-influenza medicine to petrochemicals, household chemicals, and paints.

Export Dynamics

The core export markets are Baltic neighbours – Lithuania and Estonia – as well as Russia and Sweden.

Main Export Countries, %

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