Subordinated to the Minister for Economics of Latvia, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) aims at increasing export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitating foreign investment and implementing tourism development and innovation policies.

Making new contacts in trade missions, national stands, B2B at particular events, individual meetings, attending export workshops is what LIAA offers to local companies seeking opportunities in foreign markets. We also focus on facilitating investment. This is why LIAA stands for legislation that favours entrepreneurship and advocates solid tax policy, availability of qualified workforce, infrastructure and support instruments.

We consult our clients about LIAA’s services, business opportunities and available support in our Customer Service Division at 2 Pērses Street, Riga. Extensive information on what EU offers can be found via Enterprise Europe Network which is part of LIAA. For those taking first steps into business and trying to turn their ideas into reality, 15 business incubators around Latvia are available.

Making Latvia attractive for foreign tourists is one of our missions as well. To achieve that and also introduce the world with the best of our technology, literature, art, science, etc. the brand “Magnetic Latvia” has been created.

To get a better picture of what LIAA is all about or for some quick questions you can visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Foreign companies seeking cooperation partners in Latvia will find the network of LIAA representative offices helpful. They are based in Belarus, China (Beijing and Shanghai), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea (South Korea), Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UK and USA and are at disposal of Latvian companies willing to make new contacts abroad as well.

Our team is made of both young, enthusiastic, dynamic, eager to achieve and experienced professionals. Having been founded in 1993, LIAA combines great minds and ideas to help Latvia grow using such tools that help Latvian products find their way to foreign markets, investment flow to Latvia, make new companies grow, innovate and turn Latvia into attractive tourism destination. We are trying to keep pace with global trends, revise the methods of our work and introduce new ones. Our efforts haven’t been left unnoticed as LIAA has received several awards and been named as World Class Agency.


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