Toma Stūrīša foto

Toms Stūrītis

Head of Investment Promotion Division
toms.sturitis [at]

Languages spoken: Latvian, English, Russian

My main responsibilities in the Division are to advise international investors on establishing operations in Latvia and on various inter-institutional cooperation as well as provide overall leadership and support for our team.

Prior to heading the Investment Promotion Division, I was the Deputy Director of LIAA’s Business Incubator in the port city of Liepaja where I advised investors about possibilities for business in the region and acquired broad experience in assisting start-up development. In my earlier career at LIAA, I worked at the Agency’s headquarters in Riga as the lead advisor for investors considering setting up operations specifically in transport & logistics, IT & Global Business Services (GBS) and metaworking sectors.

Prior to joining LIAA in 2011, I worked in the construction industry preparing financial estimates as well as participating in and managing various national and international projects that provided solutions to a number of economic and social issues.

I hold a master’s degree in business administration from the Swiss Business School in Zurich, Switzerland, and a master in finance from BA School of Business and Finance in Riga, Latvia.

Tarass Leočko photo

Tarass Leočko

Senior Investment Advisor
tarass.leocko [at]

Languages spoken: Latvian, English, Russian

As a Senior Investment Advisor, my goal is to ensure the soft-landing of new companies and smooth expansion of the existing ones in the ICT and Business Service sectors in Latvia.

Before joining LIAA in 2018, I have worked for the leading commercial real estate advisory firm and participated in managing transactions with a total value of more than 150 million euros.

Currently, I am an MBA candidate at the Guanghua School of Management (Peking University) class of 2021.

Roberta Gudermaņa foto

Roberts Gudermanis

POLARIS Project Manager - Project Development Division
roberts.gudermanis [at]

Languages spoken: Latvian, English, Russian

I am the lead advisor to investors looking for suitable Latvian companies interested in M&A and joint venture opportunities and I provide support for investors in food processing, woodworking and textile industries.

My professional background includes work as a customer service specialist in "Swedbank". My previous experience was with LIAA’s Customer Service Division, in which I had the role of consulting clients on various State aid and EU Structural Funds programs as well as handling the questions about LIAA’s export services. I joined the Investment Promotion Division in early 2015.

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Management from VIA University College in Denmark.


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