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This weekend marks the beginning of the fourth edition of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency's (LIAA) Home Cafe Days 2024. During this event, farms, entrepreneurs, and local community enthusiasts will welcome guests into their homes, which have been transformed into home cafes. On June 29-30, this initiative will start in Latgale, inviting visitors to the Rezekne and Ludza regions with the theme "To the middle of Latgale with a good appetite" ("Uz Latgales vidu ar labu ēstgribu").

"This year, from June 29 to September 15, Home Cafe Days 2024 will take place in 41 destinations across Latvia, and this has become a tradition for many. More than 400 home cafes will open their doors to visitors, offering special dishes unique to their region or family. The campaign contributes to local tourism development, introduces people to rural life, supports local entrepreneurs, and strengthens the local community. New collaborations are often made, which also translate into business opportunities. Last year, 65,000 guests visited the home cafes while discovering lesser-known places in Latvia," says Inese Sirava, Director of the Tourism Department of LIAA.

The campaign will be launched by the hospitable Latgale, inviting to 17 home cafes in the Rezekne and Ludza municipalities. The hosts will offer dishes typical of Latgale, recipes handed down through generations, and a contemporary menu. Visitors will not only be able to indulge their taste buds but also take part in masterclasses and enjoy music and art.

"Home Cafe Days are not only about delicious and nutritious food but also about conversations and socializing, getting to know the warm-hearted local people, listening to their sometimes incredible stories, and relaxing tired minds. This campaign is also a great example of how public institutions and different organizations can work together for a common goal. This event has a lasting contribution to tourism, showing a wide range of travelers who go to home cafes that Latgale is a great holiday destination worth returning to," says Laura Spundere, a Latgale region Tourism association representative.

For the fourth year, the home cafe "Latgaļu kukņa" will also participate in the campaign, honoring and preserving the culinary heritage of Latgale. This cafe brings together artisans from the association "Senpilsāta" in Ludza. Eriks Kondrats from "Senpilsāta" says the offer will include dishes prepared according to the best Latgalian traditions, especially inviting you to try the new potatoes with fried onion. You can taste authentic Latgalian country cakes at the cafes "Dzīles" and "Pie Ozola" in Ludza and at the "Kūku Ball" in Rezekne. But for the best-smoked fish, visit Latvia's two largest lakes, "Skaistā Rāzna" and "Zvejniekos pie Lubāna."

Home Cafe Days are held once a year, for one or two days, in each destination. For more information on Home Cafe Days, visit or the Home Cafe Days Facebook page.

Home Cafe Days is organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Country Tourism Association "Lauku ceļotājs."

Home Cafe Days 2024 schedule:

  • 29-30 June: Rezekne and Ludza Municipalities.
  • 12-14 July: Dobele Municipality, Central Latgale - Zelta ceļš (Livani and Preili Municipalities), Kekava Municipality, Gulbene Municipality.
  • 19-21 July: Limbazi Municipality.
  • 20-21 July: Aizkraukle region (including Aizkraukle, Koknese, Plavinas, Skriveri on the right bank of the Daugava), Limbazi Municipality, Southern Kurzeme region (including Rucava, Nica, Grobina), Saldus Municipality, Varaklani Municipality.
  • 27-28 July: Bauska Municipality, Augsdaugava region, Kraslava Municipality.
  • 3-4 August: Southern Kurzeme region (including Bunka, Virga, Kaletu, Gramzdas, Priekule, Vainode, Embute municipalities, and the town of Priekule), Marupe Municipality, Olaine Municipality, Valmiera Municipality, Skujene Municipality.
  • 9-11 August: Valka Municipality, Jelgava Municipality, Tukums region (including Kandava city and Cere, Matkule, Kandava, Vane, Zemite, Zante, Jaunpils, Viesatu, Irlava, Pure, Seme, Jaunsatu municipalities), Talsi region (including Sabile and Abava municipalities), Southern Kurzeme region (including Aizpute and Apriki, Cirava, Kazdanga, Kalvene, Aizpute municipalities), Sigulda Municipality, Madona Municipality.
  • 17-18 August: Kuldiga Municipality, Smiltene Municipality, Ropazi Municipality, Salaspils Municipality, Ventspils Municipality (including Jurkalne, Piltene, Uzava, Ventava, Targale), Saulkrasti Municipality, Cesis Municipality.
  • 24-25 August: Ventspils region (including Zlekas, Usma, Ugale, Targale, Pope, Ance, Puze), Balvi region, Northern Latgale, Talsi, Valdemarpils, Sabile and surrounding areas, Jekabpils region, Krustpils region.
  • 31 August-1 September: Talsi region (including Rojas and Mersrags municipalities).
  • 7-8 September: Pavilosta, Vergale, Durbe surroundings, Ogre Municipality, Adazi Municipality, the historical land of Selija (on the left bank of the Daugava, including Kraslava, Augsdaugava, Jakabpils, and Aizkraukle regions), Dundaga and Kolka municipalities, including the Livs' Coast.
  • 14-15 September: Jurmala, Tukums region.

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