On 29 September 2020 the report on a single national brand has been approved by the Government of Latvia. This means that from now on the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) will coordinate the work on a single country brand.

“A strong country image is especially important for Latvian entrepreneurs in the global market to facilitate their competitiveness,” says Minister for Economics of Latvia Jānis Vitenbergs.

“Depending on how well we are known outside Latvia affects how easy or hard it is for our entrepreneurs to sell their products and services in foreign markets. This directly corelates with their ability to get profit and pay taxes. Therefore, investment in strengthening Latvia’s brand will not only result in stronger sense of national identity but also in economic benefits,” says LIAA Director General Kaspars Rožkalns.

He also thinks that it is essential to highlight what is interesting about Latvia and what meets global trends. One of the main selling points of our country is creativity and ability to adapt thus making Latvians ready to accept new challenges. Therefore, it has been decided to position Latvia as a creative powerhouse.

It is planned to organise multiple activities that will positively impact national economy. 4 million euros that will be invested in building the country brand over the next three years, will bring additional 128 million euros as investment and help creating 4500 new jobs.