On 7th June, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is announcing a call for proposals “Development of green industry innovation and ICT products” in the Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s programme “Business Development, Innovation and SME’s”. Through this small grant scheme, entrepreneurs have the possibility to attract co-financing of up to 130 000 euros.

“One of the long-term goals of Latvia’s economic development is to double the volume of exports by 2030. It will only be possible if we work on creating new high value-added products. The Norwegian Financial Mechanism programme is a good opportunity to increase productivity and export capacity.” highlights Kaspars Rožkalns, Director General of LIAA.

The objective of the call is to increase the competitiveness of Latvian enterprises and to promote the development of new products or technologies in the areas of green innovation and information and communication technologies (ICT).

Within the small grant scheme support will be provided for experimental development, testing and certification of a new product or technology, to strengthen intellectual property rights, as well as financing of knowledge transfer activities with project partner to develop a new product or technology. During the implementation of the project, a prototype of one new product or technology must be developed, that is not intended for commercial needs.

Within the call, support will be provided to enterprises registered in Latvia who correspond to the status of small (micro) or medium-sized enterprise. Enterprises may also attract a project partner, who may be any public or private legal entity established in the Kingdom of Norway or Republic of Latvia and who has the necessary competence to help develop new product or technology.

The total available funding is EUR 1 700 000 where EUR 850 000 is dedicated to green industry innovation projects, and EUR 850 000 is dedicated to ICT projects.

The available grant amount for one project is between EUR 10 000 and EUR 130 000, but the aid intensity is from 35% to 70%. Enterprises that have not received more than EUR 200 000 in support in the last three years under EU de minimis conditions, are eligible for the maximum aid intensity.

Project application may be submitted to the LIAA until the 31st August of this year. The project applications are scheduled to be evaluated within four months, which will allow to sign the contracts with the project promoters and start to implement projects at the beginning of next year.

Information about Norway grants programmes call Selection Regulation and submission documents is available on the website www.norwaygrants.lv in the “Business and Innovation” programme’s section “Project contests”.