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Sector C at Riga International Airport

Magnetic Latvia Business Informa­tion Centre is closed since November 11, 2020.

When your flight plans take you to sector C at Riga International Airport, stop by the Magnetic Latvia Business Informa­tion Centre, where the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has created a space where you can not only learn more about Latvia, but also hold business meetings or presentations.

The centre is especially convenient for travellers who have to spend quite some time at the airport before their flight. LIAA has created a relaxed atmosphere by way of tree silhouettes that reflect the Latvian landscape, with two directly adjacent seminar rooms for meetings and presentations.

Magnetic Latvia is open to anyone who wishes to use it as an office that is equipped with free, high-speed internet access. Local producers are encouraged to meet with potential investors and clients to discuss export possibilities and view presentations using the centre’s 3x10-metre-large screen. Every day, from 9:00 to 18:00, LIAA staff are on hand to provide information on Latvia, cooperative business opportuni­ties, and interesting sights to see while in Latvia. It is also possible to make an appointment to meet with LIAA specialists in a variety of fields and get the lat­est in-depth information on various business topics: investments, innovations, state support programmes, and so on.

If you frequently travel through Riga International Airport, be aware of the fact that the Magnetic Latvia centre undergoes regular transforma­tions! Not only are the objects on view periodi­cally changed, but every month there are new and seasonal presentations about what makes Latvia special.

The space housing the centre was also designed to showcase the range of products offered by Latvian manufacturers – everything within it, from the interior decor and furniture to the roasted coffee beans and the cups the coffee is served in, has been made in Latvia. For your convenience, a wide range of printed information about Latvia is available, as well as a children’s play corner with books by Latvian authors and toys manufactured in Latvia, such as the now legendary ROO rocking horse. Magnetic Latvia encourages Latvian manufacturers to show their products to airport visitors. There are no restrictions on the choice of products shown – the only require­ment is that it is produced in Latvia.

Visitors to Magnetic Latvia have become espe­cially fond of the opportunity to send one of Magnetic Latvia’s postcards to their loved ones while they’re waiting to board their plane. You can get the cards and the appropriate postage stamps right there at the centre, then drop your filled-out postcard into the Latvijas Pasts mailbox provided.

Located in a departure sector of the airport, Magnetic Latvia invites travellers to take a moment to say good-bye to Latvia on a positive note, while at the same time, provides a modern and safe work environment for those who are invariably busy and always on the go.