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    LIAA direktora Kaspara Rožkalna foto

    Kaspars Rožkalns

    Director General
    kaspars.rozkalns [at]
    Ģirta Blumera foto

    Ģirts Blumers

    Head of Investment Project Department
    girts.blumers [at]
    Denisa Čamova foto

    Deniss Čamovs

    Senior Investment Advisor
    deniss.camovs [at]
    Aleksandra Karru foto

    Aleksandrs Karru

    Senior Investment Advisor
    aleksandrs.karru [at]
    Kristapa Supes foto

    Kristaps Supe

    Senior Investment Advisor
    kristaps.supe [at]
    Ričarda Štāmera foto

    Ričards Štāmers

    Senior Investment Advisor
    ricards.stamers [at]
    Aigara Štokenberga foto

    Aigars Štokenbergs

    Investment Advisor
    aigars.stokenbergs [at]
    Gundegas Tupiņas fotot

    Gundega Tupiņa

    Senior Investment Advisor
    gundega.tupina [at]
    Raivja Eikena foto

    Raivis Eikens

    Senior Project Manager
    raivis.eikens [at]
    Roberta Gudermaņa foto

    Roberts Gudermanis

    POLARIS Project Manager - Project Development Division
    roberts.gudermanis [at]
    Kristīnes Smilgas foto

    Kristīne Smilga

    Senior Project Manager
    kristine.smilga [at]
    Sarmītes Karlsones foto

    Sarmīte Karlsone

    Head of Innovation Support Division
    sarmite.karlsone [at]
    Daces Dumberes-Bregžes foto

    Dace Dumbere-Bregže

    Senior Project Manager
    dace.dumbere [at]
    Lauras Greiškānes foto

    Laura Greiškāne

    Senior Project Manager
    laura.greiskane [at]

    Laura Kravinska

    Project Manager
    laura.kravinska [at]
    Photo of Katrinas Zelle

    Katrīna Zelle

    Head of Startup Support Division
    katrina.zelle [at]
    Jāņa Ločmeļa foto

    Jānis Ločmelis

    Director of Norwegian Financial Mechanism Department
    janis.locmelis [at]
    Ivetas Strupkājas foto

    Iveta Strupkāja

    Deputy Director in charge of export
    iveta.strupkaja [at]
    Egitas Aizsilnieces-Ibemas foto

    Egita Aizsilniece-Ibema

    Head of the Latvian Office for Innovation and Technology in Brussels
    egita.aizsilniece-ibema [at]
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    1 - 20 from 51