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    Agnese Zīmele photo

    Agnese Zīmele

    Project Manager - Export Promotion Division
    agnese.zimele [at]
    Lauras Očagaovas foto

    Laura Očagova

    Director of Business Incubator Department
    laura.ocagova [at]
    Danutas Pīlapas foto

    Danuta Pīlapa

    Deputy Director of Business Incubator Department
    danuta.pilapa [at]
    Beates Danusēvičas foto

    Beate Danusēviča

    Senior Project Manager
    beate.danusevica [at]
    Jāņa Paeglekalna foto

    Jānis Paeglekalns

    Risk Management Specialist
    janis.paeglekalns [at]
    Ņikitas Kazakeviča foto

    Ņikita Kazakevičs

    Head of Technology Business Centre
    nikita.kazakevics [at]
    Jāņa Nīgala foto

    Jānis Nīgals

    Head of Nation Branding Division
    janis.nigals [at]

    Agnese Feldmane

    Project Manager
    agnese.feldmane [at]

    Marta Kaprāle

    Senior Project Manager
    marta.kaprale [at]

    Šarlote Līduma

    Senior Project Manager
    sarlote.liduma [at]

    Linda Pastare

    Project Manager
    linda.pastare [at]
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    41 - 51 from 51