Date 13.–14. october, 2022
Location Latvia, Riga Stradiņš University
PMNET forum (LIAA)

Healthcare providers, researchers, industry, and other stakeholders will join the forum. They all contribute to the ultimate goal – to implement personalized medicine clinically.

Key specialists of genetics, oncology, diagnostics, and bioinformatics as well as clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders (industry, policymakers, etc) from the Baltic States and abroad are expected to attend. To attract the participants – apart from a high-level scientific program – onsite excursions, networking opportunities, access to key opinion leaders, and industry excellence, symposiums are planned.

The forum will include, but will not be limited to the following issues:

  • approaches in diagnostics and treatment possibilities;
  • tumor board creation and challenges related to it;
  • the usage, storage, and safety of secondary data and E-Health solutions to Advance Precision Oncology;
  • research and education;
  • rare case reports.

Attendance at PMNET Forum on 13-14 October is free of charge. To attend the event, registration is required.