LIAA saņem starptautiskās tirdzniecības padomes balvu

At the Go Global Awards ceremony in Tallinn, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) received the Unicorn award for its contribution to developing Latvia’s startup ecosystem. Latvian companies airBaltic, Lightspace Technologies and Confero Technologies also received awards. 

The World Trade Council’s award in tourism went to Latvia’s national airline airBaltic, while Confero Technologies was awarded for developing financial technologies, and Lightspace Technologies received the award in the medical technology category.

Iveta Strupkāja, deputy director of LIAA, emphasises that the Unicorn award honours the entire Latvian startup community, which is rapidly growing and becoming more and more visible on the global stage. “We can be very pleased that several Latvian companies received awards in their categories at an international event, which saw 6000 companies from 84 countries apply,” says Strupkāja.

The International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards are presented to companies that have made a significant contribution to the development of their respective industry through innovations and technological achievements. The International Trade Council network covers 176 countries and 418 professional organisations worldwide. The organisation aims to build a community of manufacturers, exporters and related service providers to share ideas, build partnerships and develop new cooperation projects.

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