Born Global hakatons

“Born Global” organizing team invites participants to register for the upcoming Sustainability hackathon - under this year's topic of Sustainability in Business new, innovative and exciting ideas and solutions are expected to be developed to tackle diverse challenges faced by enterprises. The Sustainability hackathon will take place online from May 6 to 8, bringing together more than 100 participants and idea generators to collectively come up with new solutions for sustainability. The prize pool for the best team ideas reaches 9000 EUR.

Not only programmers, designers, product experts and other professionals are invited to join, but any enthusiast ready to hack sustainability with or without their own idea can join the program, and in the process join a team with an existing idea or solution. Individual participants, as well as already formed teams with an idea are welcome to join, as long as they are solving an issue related to sustainability.

“Born Global Sustainability hackathon is organized to draw attention to sustainable business practice and facilitate development of potential future solutions, in response to such enterprise challenges as, for instance, sustainable packaging, energy efficiency, analysis of enterprises' environmental footprint, as well as raising the society's and employees' awareness around sustainability in business. We see open innovations as an effective way to overcome diverse obstacles faced by enterprises Today, and we are confident that this year teams will come up with innovative and sustainable solutions that may potentially become exporting enterprises in the future,” emphasizes Līva Pērkone, “Helve” managing partner and representative of the organizing team.

“Born Global” Sustainability hackathon will serve as the ground of a collaborative platform for teams with ongoing projects, as well as new ideas that in an agile process will be supported by experienced mentors and industry experts. The organizing team invites participants not only from Latvia but also from neighboring countries to apply - the hackathon will take place fully online and will be held in English. The total prize pool of the hackathon is 9,000 eur: three best hackathon teams will each receive a prize of 3,000 eur.

Registration for the hackathon is open until May 3, through the “Born Global” webpage More information can also be found on the event page

As reported, “Born Global 2022” Export Forum will take place in Riga on April 20 with the key aim of supporting Latvian exporting companies in overcoming the challenges posed by the current geopolitical situation, building closer cooperation and jointly seeking for new approaches to enable accelerated exports' growth. To attend the Forum in person, interested parties are invited to register their participation through the link: ​​

“Born Global” Export Forum and hackathon are organized by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency in cooperation with the Latvian Exporters Association "The Red Jackets" and innovation management company "Helve" with the support of the European Regional Development Fund.