Date 29 April, 2021
Location Online, Platform "REMO"

Small and medium-sized enterprises planning to apply for the Norway Grants programme “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” support are welcome to attend the online networking event for enhancing bilateral relations aiming to attract Norwegian project partner for project implementation.

The partnership allows the combining of forces, knowledge and skills. A successful partnership needs to identify clearly the objectives of cooperation, the responsibilities and responsibilities of each partner that will be relevant to achieving the results of a joint project.

Event time and registration

The event will take place on the online platform REMO on 29 April 2021 from 15.00–17.30 (Riga time); 14.00–16.30 (Oslo time). To register for an event, Latvian companies apply here. To register for an event, Norwegian entities apply here.

The event aims to promote cooperation between Latvian enterprise and Norwegian R&D institution as well as to improve knowledge and understanding in green industry innovation and ICT areas when applying for Norway Grants support.

The closest open call “Application of green industry innovation and ICT products” is planned to be announced in April 2021. Detailed information on the programme and the open call.

The enterprises will have the opportunity to invite potential partners to individual (B2B) meeting and the possibility of joining discussions with other participants in the event to exchange views, discuss issues, and find new partners.

A limited number of Latvian enterprises (50 enterprises) will be able to apply. The registration will be closed when the maximum number of applications is reached.

The event working language is English. Participation in the event is free of charge.

The event is organized by LIAA and the donor state programme partner “Innovation Norway” in partnership with the Norwegian Embassy in Latvia and the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Prior to the online networking event, an informative seminar “Partnerships within the Norway Grants programme “Business development, Innovations and SMEs” will be organized. The seminar will take place on 13 April 2021. The information about the seminar will follow.