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With the rapid development of the smart energy sector in Latvia, the French onshore wind turbine foundation design company CTE Wind International has started operations this year.

“This is a significant event for the whole sector, given the rapid development of renewable energy projects in Latvia and the region as a whole. CTE Wind International works on wind energy projects around the world. The decision made will enable the company to participate more actively in wind park projects in Latvia and other Baltic Sea countries, facilitate cooperation with Latvian companies, strengthen the local ecosystem and promote the export of services. At the same time, it is an opportunity for specialists working in Latvia to gain international experience,” says Vilis Zinkevičs, Head of Investment Promotion Division of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

CTE Wind International will have its eighth office - outside France - in Riga. The company is already present in countries such as Poland, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam and France and active in 76 countries in total.

The design and consultancy company specialises in the design of onshore wind turbine foundations, which requires specialised knowledge and a specific approach. The base of the wind turbine is designed considering soil and other geological features. This is important because, for example, the efficiency of the turbine changes significantly when the base settles by just a few centimetres. A properly designed and constructed substructure increases both the efficiency and the lifetime of the wind turbine and takes into account CO2 reduction as well.

Latvia’s role in the wind energy sector will also be highlighted this month at the Wind Works conference in Riga on 25 April. The Wind Works conference is now in its fourth year and is the largest event of its kind in the Baltic Sea region.

This year’s event will focus in particular on the synergies between different sectors and the ambitious opportunities for green energy development in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Read more about the conference here:

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Vilis Zinkevičs

Head of Investment Promotion Division - Biomedicine, medical technologies & pharmacy
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