October 16, 2023

The "Innovation Academy" pre-acceleration final phase has begun.

As the first phase of the "Innovation Academy" program approaches its conclusion, the program team is preparing for the second phase of this season, which is the pre-acceleration phase.

Till November 6th, 2023, on the website business.gov.lv you can apply for the "Innovation Academy" pre-acceleration phase. Participation in the first part of the program is not a prerequisite for applying to the second part.

In the second phase of the "Innovation Academy," known as pre-acceleration, up to fifty teams will be accepted to work on innovative and globally scalable ideas. Over 18 weeks, newly formed teams will work on testing the viability of their business ideas, building prototypes, and developing products. This phase will take place from November 27, 2023, to March 31, 2024. To apply for the program, you must have a team of at least two people with the complementary skills necessary for idea development.

July 31, 2023

The application process for the third pre-acceleration program "Innovation Academy" has begun!

From July 31st to August 20th, the application process will be open for all Latvian residents who wish to participate in the pre-acceleration program "Innovation Academy" and gain modern knowledge about entrepreneurship with a focus on innovation. In the upcoming season, "Innovation Academy" plans to accept up to 200 participants, who will have the opportunity to work in an ecosystem of experienced mentors and under the guidance of internationally recognized lecturers. During intense 6-week sessions, they will develop their innovative entrepreneurial skills and work on projects.

Following the initial phase, there will be an 18-week period during which teams will be formed based on the results of the first phase.

To apply for the "Innovation Academy," individuals must submit their applications electronically from July 31st to August 20th, using the national platform business.gov.lv.

More information about the program's offerings will be available on August 15th on the Riga Business School (RBS) Facebook platform. A virtual live presentation event with representatives from RBS, including the program director Viesturs Sosārs and program manager Janis Altgauzens, will provide details about the upcoming pre-acceleration phase and answer frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, detailed information can be obtained from the official website business.gov.lv and the program's website inovacijuakademija.lv.

The program is supported by the Technology Business Center project of the Norwegian Financial Instrument.
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July 27, 2023

Tech Picnic: A celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship

"Tech Picnic": Inovāciju un uzņēmējdarbības svētki

At the event "Tech Picnic," which took place on June 2, 2023, at the picturesque Art Center NOASS, AB dam, a gathering for the startup community was held.

The highlight of the evening was the Demo Day of the Innovation Academy training program participants. The young entrepreneurs of the Innovation Academy showcased the ideas they developed during the intensive training program. In total, 33 promising teams convincingly presented their innovative projects to the audience.

"Tech Picnic" was jointly organized by TechHub Riga, Riga Business School - Innovation Academy, and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia - Technology Business Center, demonstrating collective efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Latvia.

The event not only showcased the notable achievements of the Innovation Academy participants but also provided an opportunity for attendees to enjoy great music, savor delicious food, and share moments with like-minded individuals. As the summer season approached, "Tech Picnic" was an ideal occasion for the startup community to relax, network, and celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit together.

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April 11, 2023

Evaluation of PROTOTECH 2.0 program applications

At the end of the PROTOTECH 2.0 program call of proposals, the interest of the applicants has been very high - we have received 77 applications.

Two weeks ago, two intensive days were held, when the commission evaluated the presentations of the ideas of the applicants for the PROTOTECH 2.0 call of proposals. Enthusiasts of science-intensive technologies had come both in person and connected remotely, to be able to successfully defend your idea before the commission.

Considering the large number of applications and the competition, the process of evaluating ideas and organizing documentation is currently underway, so that very soon we will find out which 15 teams will be accepted into the PROTOTECH 2.0 program, receiving support of up to 15,000 euros!

Working together for a competitive Europe!

Prototyping support is funded by the Technology Business Center project of the Norwegian Financial Instrument.

Applications are open for the second pre-acceleration programme "Innovation Academy"

From 7 to 23 September, residents of Latvia has the opportunity to apply for the Latvian Investment and Development Agency's (LIAA) pre-acceleration programme "Innovation Academy" to gain modern knowledge about innovations and their application in business. This will be the second season of the Innovation Academy - the first one received more than 160 applications from interested applicants, who formed 27 teams to further develop their ideas. The application for the Innovation Academy can be filled electronically on the national platform for business development www.business.gov.lv.
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We invite you to the closing event of the first Innovation Academy or INO programme, organised by Riga Business School and LIAA - Technology Business Centre together with several ecosystem partners. The event will take place on May 26 in Riga. INO programme teams have completed intensive training and more than 600 mentoring sessions. During this event, investors, tech and startup enthusiasts and others will have the opportunity to meet the teams in person on the first demo day of the INO Academy, where they will have the chance to listen to team presentations, network with the solution creators, try out and test the solutions they have developed.
More information about event and registration available here

From 2 March 2022, using the business.gov.lv portal, it is possible to apply for advice on support for the potential development of a technologically intensive prototype or service in the PROTOTECH programme. This programme supports prototyping in the form of a PROTOTECH grant of up to EUR 15 000,00 per applicant and will finance the development of a prototype of a new technology-intensive product or service with global ambitions. Opening of the programme is scheduled on 4 April 2022. You can learn more about PROTOTECH here. It is planned that EUR 225 000 will be available in the first call for proposals and it provides support for the development of at least 15 prototypes. It is expected that the prototype will be developed by a co-operation partner – the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University or Riga Stradiņš University, based on previous calculations and developed specifications. Previous consultations will first take place with these partners.

With the approved 35 teams concluded the competition for participation in Stage 2 of the Innovation Academy “Pre-selection of Innovative Projects”. The TBC received applications from 63 teams until the set deadline of January 7, 2022. Mostly the teams formed during the phase 1 of the Innovation Academy will continue taking part in the training, but there are also new team entrants. In the phase 2 of the Innovation Academy, which will last 18 weeks, teams will acquire the necessary knowledge of starting up the business, validating the product and putting it on the market. There will be national and international mentors, who will work with the teams individually, helping with the development of business, technology / science and design, and they will ensure teams moving towards their goals.

In 2021, 198 participants were admitted to the pre-acceleration program of the Academy of Innovation it’s phase 1, and since November 4, 5 lecture cycles in innovative entrepreneurship have been held remotely. Students acquired knowledge from experts on innovative product or service development, current novelties in sectors like robotics, education, medicine, energy and finance for the creation and development of technology-intensive and globally competitive companies. On December 10-11, the phase 1 of the program ended with a 2-day boot camp activity, during which participants formed 28 great business ideas and teams in order to develop a new product or service. The cooperation partner RTU Riga Business School implements the training and more information on the actualities of the Innovation Academy is published on their site https://www.inovacijuakademija.lv  Press Releases

The LIAA Technology Business Center was launched in September 2021 to offer developers of new business ideas the opportunity to acquire business skills and knowledge in a 6-month training program called Innovation Academy, as well as to develop a prototype of a minimum viable product with 100% support from a Norwegian Financial Instrument. The Technology Business Center is headed by Nikita Kazakevich, who has been running the LIAA Jelgava Business Incubator since September 2016, and in 2013 he founded and until 2015 managed Health Tech's new company ‘’LifeSync’’ in Denmark. Press release.


The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) invites you to apply your product or service in the Technology Business Centre (TBC) programme PROTOTECH from 4th to 24th of April 2022 on the platform https://business.gov.lv/ to receive support for the development of technology-intensive prototypes. Each project will be eligible for up to €15,000 with a 100% aid intensity.

Both individuals and legal entities will be able to apply for support for prototyping. The first call will support the development of at least 15 prototypes. Consultations on finding a suitable partner for prototype development will also continue. You are invited to apply on the platform Consultation for prototyping support | business.gov.lv - National platform for business development

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