Datums 30. septembris, 2021
Vieta Tiešsaiste

Are you interested in cross-border collaboration in terms of business, research and innovation? Would you like to find out more about Finnish second largest health technology hub and OuluHealth ecosystem’s offering?

Welcome to the first webinar that brings together OuluHealth and Latvian biomedicine ecosystems.

Join us online to explore the potential for international collaboration and find out more about piloting and innovation opportunities. The event gives you possibility to network with healthcare companies, hospitals and researchers. You will also learn about health and life science solutions developed in Oulu. 

Time: 30 September 2021, 8.30 - 9.30

Place: Online (Teams)

Registration: Here

The webinar is free of charge but requires registration.


8.30 – 8.35 Welcoming words, Alise Barvika, Head of the Representative Office in Finland and Anna Janberga, Leading Expert, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

8.35-8.50 OuluHealth ecosystem and Health and Life Science companies in Oulu, Minna Komu, Network Director, BusinessOulu

8.50 – 9.05 Empowering data innovation through collaborative R&D, Maritta Perälä-Heape, Professor of Practice, Data-enabled Healthcare Solutions and Innovation Ecosystems, CHT, University of Oulu

9.05 – 9.20 Remote healthcare and consultations as an integrated part of existing systems, Antti Hulkko, COO, Near Real

9.20 – 9.30 Q&A

Join the online discussion, get to know to the OuluHealth ecosystem and find out what new opportunities might be waiting for you.

About Oulu and OuluHealth

Oulu – the city of innovation and business opportunities

Oulu in northern Finland is the fastest growing region in the Nordics. The strong and diverse hi-tech industrial base is supported by 18 500 experts in ICT, life science and cleantech business sectors. Oulu is a well-known leader in digitalisation and an international research and development centre, with 25 000 students at two universities. The city is setting an example by introducing innovative cooperation models, working towards innovations and creating new business opportunities. Oulu is also a recognised pioneer in development of 5G / 6G technologies.

The health and life science sector includes about a hundred thriving companies that develop solutions to answer challenges in the healthcare sector. These companies belong to OuluHealth, which is one of the leading health ecosystems in the Nordics.  

OuluHealth – the ecosystem that drives innovation

OuluHealth is internationally recognised health and well-being ecosystem, which brings together social and healthcare providers, researchers, academia and health companies. Its main goals include facilitating the creation of new demand-driven collaboration models, accelerating implementation of health innovations, boosting the health-tech business and fostering cooperation between all the stakeholders to deliver more advanced, personalised and connected health services for the benefit of the citizens.  The ecosystem supports health companies in growth and internationalization by increasing their visibility, exploring new business opportunities and providing a world-class innovation testing and development environment, OuluHealth Labs, for boosting the health and life science business.

More information: https://ouluhealth.fi/   


Finland/Oulu Health

Minna Komu

OuluHealth Network Director, BusinessOulu

(OuluHealth ecosystem’s matters)

E-mail: minna.komu@businessoulu.com

Heidi Tikanmäki

Key Account Director, Health and Life Science, BusinessOulu

(business development matters)

E-mail: heidi.tikanmaki@businessoulu.com

Joanna Seppänen

Marketing & communications, Health and Life Science, BusinessOulu

E-mail: joanna.seppanen@businessoulu.com


Alise Barvika

Head of the Representative Office in Finland

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia/LIAA

Mob: 00358465260943

E-mail: Alise.Barvika@liaa.gov.lv

Anna Janberga

Leading Expert

Technology Scout Division

Department of Technology

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia/LIAA

Mob: 0037126454461

E-mail: Anna.Janberga@liaa.gov.lv

Annas Janbergas foto

Anna Janberga

Vadošā eksperte (tehnoloģiju skauts biomedicīnas jomā)
anna.janberga [at] liaa.gov.lv